Peter Arscott Ceramics

The Art of Selling?

The easy part of a business like belatrova, and any other art/design/craft-based project, is the making of the product. Far more mysterious and challenging is the art of marketing, of finding your target audience, those human beings you know have been put on this good earth to buy your merchandise. Excellent advice abounds, like The […]

poetry / pottery

The annual Ledbury Poetry Festival came to town this July; ten days of the best writers, poets and performers, and belatrova took full advantage, enjoying Juliet Stevenson‘s Sylvia Plath reading, as well as Jacob Polley and Sean Borodale together at the Burgage Hall, Martin Rowson‘s tone-lowering Limerickiad, Benjamin Zephania‘s jamming with Tony Benn, and a […]

grit to pearl

Here at belatrova increased production and a subsequent urgent need for clay led us on a lightning visit to Stoke, heart of the Potteries. Sitting on a hill, its grittiness is somehow heightened by the green beauty of the surrounding countryside. Its long association with the pottery industry goes back to the 17th Century and […]

Perfidious Albion in Barcelona

Barcelona, like the rest of Spain, is going through hard times. Unemployment is on the rise, specially among the young, many of whom are leaving for jobs abroad if they can get any. It is also a vibrant city associated with art, architecture and design, not least with Gaudi’s Parque Guell that overlooks the entire city […]


Most people find relocation stressful and will experience symptoms such as irritability and exhaustion. Psychologists say that those who find ways to establish security and meaning in their new situation, and who regain a sense of perspective, will suffer less. Well, belatrova has broad shoulders and has taken the move from Bishops Frome in Worcester […]

Caersws (pronounced “Kay-suss)

belatrova paid a visit to the Mid Wales Arts Centre just outside the above-mentioned town in Powys on Sunday, in part to get some fresh air and a bit of Welsh countryside, but also to get some ceramic inspiration as well as a look at Nicky Arscott’s paintings. It’s a two hour drive from Ledbury […]

Good Design is…

belatrova is a collaboration between a painter, a potter and a musician, so each one of us brings his particular slant to any discussion during the Tuesday morning meetings. To our surprise, we often agree on a number of issues, and this week we ended up in general agreement about “good design”. Good design (we […]

…so here goes then!

So it’s easy is it? Anyone can do it? You sure? Well, here goes. It’s Friday afternoon, I’ve worked up the website ( ), fired up Facebook (, and tuned up Twitter ( and then decided that it was time to take the ‘one small step – one giant leap’ into the wonderful world […]