Peter Arscott

Peter Arscott is a painter and ceramicist who uses either grogged porcelain or stoneware fired to nearly thirteen hundred degrees. When it comes out of the kiln with its full glaze showing, you can often make out the white clay backgound behind the colours. The maker’s hand also leaves brush marks on the surface, as well as drips and smudges, leaving each piece a unique one-off. In music, especially in jazz, syncopation involves a variety of rythms which are in some way unexpected, thus making a tune off-beat. Similarly, some of Peter’s pieces have a singular lop-sided stance; improvisation takes place either in cutting out the rolled clay shapes, or later when painting oxides onto their surfaces. More art than design, here the surfaces truly are painted by a painter.


Peter Arscott was born in Lima, Peru in 1954. He came to school in England at 13 and later studied at Bristol University before moving to Barcelona where he worked as a teacher and had a number of solo and group shows until 1983 when he returned to live in London, working as a Blue Badge guide and exhibiting at various galleries.  He now lives in Herefordshire and has a studio in Ledbury. He is a founder and a director of the Ledbury Poetry Festival, and is involved in the arts locally.