Peter Arscott Ceramics

Caersws (pronounced “Kay-suss)

belatrova paid a visit to the Mid Wales Arts Centre just outside the above-mentioned town in Powys on Sunday, in part to get some fresh air and a bit of Welsh countryside, but also to get some ceramic inspiration as well as a look at Nicky Arscott’s paintings. It’s a two hour drive from Ledbury […]

Good Design is…

belatrova is a collaboration between a painter, a potter and a musician, so each one of us brings his particular slant to any discussion during the Tuesday morning meetings. To our surprise, we often agree on a number of issues, and this week we ended up in general agreement about “good design”. Good design (we […]

…so here goes then!

So it’s easy is it? Anyone can do it? You sure? Well, here goes. It’s Friday afternoon, I’ve worked up the website ( ), fired up Facebook (, and tuned up Twitter ( and then decided that it was time to take the ‘one small step – one giant leap’ into the wonderful world […]