view of interior of belatrova workshop

No 9 Bankside

Most people find relocation stressful and will experience symptoms such as irritability and exhaustion. Psychologists say that those who find ways to establish security and meaning in their new situation, and who regain a sense of perspective, will suffer less. Well, belatrova has broad shoulders and has taken the move from Bishops Frome in Worcester to Ledbury in Herefordshire in its stride.

Unfazed by the hugeness of the new space, walls were painted white (this took a week), new racking was put in place, heavy kilns were transported and hooked up, the floor painted, a new glass entrance fitted, and, of course and very importantly, a small fridge connected for that Friday evening special: the belatrova dry Martini. We find that this is one way to regain a sense of perspective.

wooden structure to hold 32 table topss

new double table rack

sit and relax

sit and relax

The new address is:
9 Bankside Industrial Estate
Little Marce Road


wall of ceramics

Anyway, we are already in production, concentrating mainly on tripod bowls and lamp bases. Both kilns are behaving, and the new space is airy and light, with a whole wall given over to our ceramic dishes. Everything is looking good and belatrova is brimming with ideas and projects.

Roger Payne on his mobile at No7 Bankside

You want how many?!

By the way, a possible reason for liking the previously mentioned cocktail is surely the shape of the glass: another design classic (see previous blog). And it looks so good on a belatrova table.

Here’s our version of a Dry Martini:

1. Pour the amount of gin required into a shaker or any robust container that withstands freezing temperatures. Use good gin, of course.

2. Pour in a bit more gin (when very cold the gin contracts).                                                                          Dry Martini

3. Add a few drops of Dry Vermouth (roughly one drop per glass)

4. Put in freezer at least 2 hours before consuming.

5. Place Martini glasses in freezer.

6. When ready, pour out Martini from shaker into glass.

7. Spear 2 (or 3 if you’re feeling generous) green olives with a toothpick and put in glass.

8. Serve immediately – it should give your tongue and throat a pleasingly cold sting, and set you up for the weekend.

belatrova is always open to experimentation – send us your favourite unwinder and we might (might) try it.

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