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mirror, mirror…

creature from the Black Lagoon refelected in mirrorDo people see what I see in the mirror? Do I really look like that? What on earth is that thing growing on the side of my left nostril? Most people are fascinated by mirrors, much more so than by an image of themselves in a photo, for example. Perhaps this is because the image they have about themselves is the one they always see in the mirror – it is what they’ve seen most of their lives, so when they see themselves in photographs, their brains think that something is wrong.

mirror with bust of SenecaThis fascination is not a new phenomenon: in ancient Rome, Seneca mocked the amount of money that Roman women were willing to pay for a mirror. Nowadays mirrors abound in homes, shops, offices, cars and handbags, but as objects they remained small and expensive for centuries until in Venice in the 16th century, when a new method was used of backing a plate of flat glass with a thin sheet of metal, producing high-quality mirrors. Much later the process of coating a glass surface with metallic silver was invented.

donald trump reflected in belatrova mirrorWhen you look at yourself in a mirror, what you see depends on the quality of that mirror. If you find yourself looking at your supposed flaws, or trying to avoid looking at yourself altogether, or realizing that you already look like your Dad or Mum, then belatrova’s mirrors are the answer.

large round mirrorThis is because our wide painted frames, abstract, colourful, and just slightly Mediterranean, light up the room and instil a feeling of warmth, banishing all melancholy into the dark cellars and dusty closets in the house – metaphorically speaking, since we know how neat and clean belatrovians are as a race.

belatrova mirror in dining room

And a belatrova mirror is not one that can be sneakily used to suggest there is more space than meets the eye in, say, a small apartment by placing it behind a chest and a table lamp, subtle though that can be. Ours is more like a window, providing an airy dimension, amplifying light and breaking up visual clutter, but above all it will immediately brighten the room and create an artistic focal point in the area. Yes, a well-placed mirror will solve most design dilemmas.

Dare we call it a statement piece? Yes, it is bold but subtle, with a diameter of 800mm, so it cannot be described as small. It can make the most of your wall space, and if you are looking for something that creates a design feature in your living room why not hang this beautiful hand painted mirror over your fire place mantle? Or imagine this design as a centrepiece feature in your dining room, refracting the light and bringing your colour scheme together in an eye-catching display.

Its abstract design allows you to hang it four different ways, thanks to the four-way copper wiring system on its reverse side.

80 cms diameter x 2 cms deep

Weighing 10 kg, it must be hung on secure fixings

Hand painted on rounded wooden frame, varnished.

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