yes, you could win a belatrova ceramic

Please have a long look at this close-up of one of our dishes. Allow the colours and shapes to simmer and bubble away in your mind, and then come up with a name for that range. Anything permitted, barring whatever might get us sued.

close up of ceramic platter

name it and win it

Either go to our website and send us an email via contact page or simply add a comment on the blog. If you are successful, not only will the name be forever associated with this particular belatrova style, but you may win a prize: the very ceramic you see in the picture.

The result will be democratically decided (ie much discussed and argued over) by the team on Friday 1st November at No 9 Bankside at 5pm, and announced officially in the next blog.

close up of Valencia range


We all know that belatrova makes unique hand-made and painted tables and ceramics. The variety of one-off designs is apparent when you walk into our workshop in Ledbury. Within the multiplicity of colours, brushstrokes and shapes there are a few discernable themes or ranges; one example being the mellow ochre look produced by mixing a little red iron oxide in the glaze into which the painted dish or bowl is dipped before firing. What to call this range? The team scratched its chin and mused one late Friday afternoon as it unwound with a Dry Martini (see blog May, Relocation). Names are important, after all, and after a great deal of discussion we decided that the range in question would be given the name of Valencia. There is something of coastal Mediterranean Spain in the tones.

 Inspired, the team went on to name three other ranges or “looks”. Here they are:

close-up of Manhattan range of ceramics


close-up of brushstroke blues range

Brushstroke Blues

close-up of allegro range


We think highly of you and expect to receive some poetic and/or pithy ideas, so please give it a go. There’s a whole lot of biscuited bowls and dishes just waiting for the belatrova touch.

piles of biscuited bowls at belatrova

ready and waiting

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